Headstones in Mossley Hill

Headstones in Mossley Hill You may wonder where to get elegantly engraved headstones in Mossley Hill. The experience of losing a loved is devastating. When such misfortunes happen, acquiring a gravestone is an excellent way of paying tribute to the deceased. When a person passes away, family members usually honour the deceased by erecting a headstone on their grave site. It is a way of showing love and affection for the recently departed and can bring comfort to the family and friends.

In Mossley Hill, headstones can be found at T. Lyon & Son. T. Lyon & Son is a business that takes pride in designing and manufacturing good quality and good looking headstones. Since 1929, the family business has been supplying and renovating headstones for people in Mossley Hill and nearby areas. When it comes to memorial work, they aim to provide quality headstones made of a high quality. If you want to commemorate a loved one, T. Lyon & Son can create memorial designs that reflect the memories of the deceased. They stock different types of stones including Yorkshire stone, granite, slate as well as marble.  There are different styles of inscriptions to choose from including the traditional handcut method or the more modern method of sandblast lettering. The lettering is also available in a number of different colours to suit the headstone of your choice. Silver and gold are among the most popular choices of colour for the lettering of the inscription.

When looking for headstones in Mossley Hill contact T. Lyon & Son, a company with experience and industry expertise. They source and stock only the highest quality materials ensuring the longevity of the headstone of your choice. They will assist you in making the most appropriate choice of a headstone and advise you on the inscription. Apart from creating new memorial work, they also specialise in renovation of headstones and memorials. Contact T.Lyon & Son today to inquire about headstones.