Gravestone Supplier in Tuebrook

Gravestone Supplier in TuebrookAre you looking for a gravestone supplier in Tuebrook? There is a company called T.Lyon & Son that have been in the business since 1929 and have the knowledge and skill to prepare an elegant memorial for your loved one. They are a family run business so they know how important family is and they will ensure that the gravestone will be of a high quality, designed with your specifications in mind.

In Tuebrook, a gravestone supplier of extremely high quality can be found at T. Lyon & Son that will provide you with a fitting stone for the recently departed. Stones can be constructed of marble, granite, stone or slate and in many different colours. With many decades of experience they provide an unrivalled service with the best advice from highly trained staff. They know how to discuss options in a gentle, sensitive way offering many different alternatives to suit your specific needs.

T.Lyon & Son are a leading gravestone supplier in Tuebrook and they will provide you with creative ideas and combinations that will work well for your tailored gravestone. It is a very important decision how best to reflect the memory of the person who has passed away. You want it to describe how they lived their life and what was important to them. Each gravestone they create is unique. They also offer renovation services for gravestones that are in need of attention. It is important to maintain your gravestone to a high standard to cherish the memory of your loved one and they can help do that in a professional way. There are two qualified masons on the team with 16 and 35 years experience between them so they exact the highest standards in their work. Should you require an inscription for the gravestone, they will assist you with choosing the most suitable inscription for the stone. If you have any queries about gravestones don’t hesitate to get in touch with T. Lyon & Son and make an appointment.