Headstone Prices In St. Helens

Headstone Prices in St HelensWhen searching out headstone prices in St. Helens you must consider that you are preparing to purchase a unique, highly individualized item.Therefore, if a company quotes a price over the phone to you for a grave memorial you should be careful. Most of us have very little experience choosing a memorial. There are many variations in stones, script, design, colour and size. The best thing to do when faced with the responsibility is seek guidance from those experienced in the business. Few have more experience than T. Lyon and Son. The company has been in business since 1929. A company does not stay in business, at the same site, for that long unless they offer quality products at fair prices and treat their customers with respect.

In St. Helens, headstone prices are only fair if you get what you expect. Go to T. Lyon & Son and sit down with them. As they get to know and understand you, they will be able to narrow the memorial choices for you. As you listen to them, you will gain an understanding of what options are available. You will make a decision for each detail of the memorial because you are designing an enduring work of love. Whatever you choose you can be sure that T. Lyon & Son will use only the best of materials. After 80 years, they do know what works and what does not.

When you choose T. Lyon & Son, headstone prices in St. Helens include the inscription you want to see on the memorial. This part is important because generations to follow will read your tribute. You may even want to include a colour photograph of your loved one. A stonemason that specializes in both hand cut and sand blasted letters does the inscription. He will use any colour and script you choose. Whether you choose an ornate memorial with a lot of script or a beautiful simple stone with minimal script, you will be pleased with the finished product. People who care about their customers will skilfully create the memorial according to your wishes at a fair price when you call on T. Lyon & Son.