Headstone Prices in Liverpool

Gravestone Prices in LiverpoolGravestone prices in Liverpool  are determined by the type of stone used, the design and the inscription. Another aspect that influences the price is whether an old gravestone is being remodelled or whether a new gravestone is being freshly made. At times like these, a reputable memorials company is recommended for excellent service delivery and your own peace of mind.

In Liverpool, gravestone prices are dependent firstly on the material used. Commonly used materials include granite, slate, marble or, on occasion, Yorkshire stone. The type of stone plays a significant role in the final look of the gravestone, as well as its durability, and this is something to be carefully considered when making your selection. The design of the stone is also an integral part of the selection process. As gravestones are available in any number of shapes or sizes, or cut and shaped in a style best suited to your needs, it is important to make a selection which will suit both the design you have in mind as well as your budget.

Finally, gravestone prices in Liverpool are also dependent on the inscription. The inscription is the most unique and personal part of any gravestone, and you can personalise it according to your own style and message. The kind of skill involved also affects the price of the gravestone. T. Lyon & Sons have been in the business since 1929 and over the course of four generations the business has created some of the best gravestones in the industry, starting trends and shaping the industry along the way. For the best prices to accommodate any budget and design requirements, contact T. Lyon & Sons.