Gravestone in Liverpool

Gravestone in LiverpoolLast week we were contacted by a customer who was looking for a gravestone in Liverpool. They wanted something that was both beautiful and dignified and would do real credit to the memory of their loved one. That’s why they called T Lyon & Son. When it comes to experience and expertise, our service is hard to beat. Our family run business has been making and restoring gravestones and memorials since 1929 and provide a bespoke service across Merseyside and the North West.

It’s important to remember that a Liverpool gravestone isn’t just there to pay tribute to the deceased, they can also provide a source of comfort for family and friends. That’s why no two gravestones we make are the same and we always encourage the involvement of the family in the selection and creation process. This means that the crafting of the memorial is truly a team effort, with the family member providing the input into the design and our team of craftsmen carrying out the wishes. All of our team are highly experienced, and use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. By combining this with the latest tools and equipment, we can create gravestones and memorials that are of the highest quality.

There are many options to consider when choosing a gravestone in Liverpool. The first of these, is what kind of material the gravestone should be made from. There’s a wide selection available and we can show you samples of each piece, allowing you to make the perfect choice. After the stone has been chosen, it’s time to select the words for the inscription. These can be as personalised as you want them to be. Our expert stonemasons can provide hand cut or sand blasted lettering and in a range of styles and sizes. The letters can also be filled in letters of your choice, although 23.5 carat gold leaf is particularly popular. Whether you need memorial creating or restoring, call our team today, we’re here to help.