Bespoke Headstone Supplier in Rainford

Headstone Supplier in RainfordT Lyon & Sons are a foremost headstone supplier in Rainford and a registered member of BRAMM (the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons). Our family owned and run business was established in 1929 by Thomas Lyon, the great grandfather of the current owner and manager. Each successive generation has striven to provide the same expertise, skill and empathy to all of our customers. We know that a headstone needs to reflect or communicate something about the deceased person. A headstone is the solid representation of memories and feelings, hence the word memorial.

In Rainford, a headstone supplier needs to be accommodating and flexible in addition to caring. We appreciate that a headstone is, as previously indicated, a very personal item. We do not, therefore, ask our customers to select from a limited range in a catalogue. Our clients can choose from a standard selection of designs or order a bespoke memorial that will allow them to make a range of choices in order to have a headstone that they feel is appropriate or suitable for their loved one. Our caring and informed staff members are always available to offer our customers advice and guidance in terms of possible styles, available materials and costs. We are able to offer a spectrum of different styles to meet various tastes and budgets. In addition, our customers can decide whether they want stone or marble. Furthermore, the various materials can be left in a rougher, more natural state or highly polished. Finally, the customer can decide what and how much they wish to have carved onto the headstone they have chosen. Our highly skilled masons will carve names, dates and inscriptions according to our customer’s directions as to wording, image (if any) and font type and size.

If you require the services of an experienced, caring headstone supplier in Rainford, call us at T Lyon & Sons or come into our premises to discuss your needs and our bespoke service.