A Recent Query about Headstone Inscriptions in Liverpool

headstone inscriptions in LiverpoolWe recently received a query about headstone inscriptions in Liverpool. The customer wanted to know exactly what could be inscribed on a headstone, if there were any restrictions and if we offered several different fonts to choose from. Of course, each cemetary has their own set of rules and regulations, and we were able to guide the customer on what was appropriate, and was was permitted. We informed them that restrictions could include symbols and language.

In Liverpool, headstone inscriptions are a very personal decision and we help each customer choose the most fitting one for their deceased. We suggest that the inscription that they chose be one that really summarized the person that has passed. For example, many people choose a saying that their loved one was known to use frequently, some people use a favorite bible verse, and others list several known qualities of the deceased. We were also able to answer the question about the different typefaces or fonts that can be used on headstones. We let them know that there are several different types of engraving fonts that they could choose from and suggested that they select one that would seem to flow with the words that they were having engraved.

If you are looking for a compassionate company to help you with your headstone inscriptions in Liverpool, call us. When you have the passing of a loved one, many people use the headstone as a memorial, so that people that come to pay their respects, or those who are just passing by, can get a poignant glimpse of the person that was so loved. We offer a large selection of memorials to choose from and our highly experience staff will help you with your inscription so you can get the exact wording that you would like.  At T. Lyon and Son, we are happy to help.