Gravestones in Knowsley

gravestoneAnyone in the market for gravestones in Knowsley is surely going through one of the most difficult times of their lives. Dealing with the death of a friend of family member will never be an easy task, and at T. Lyon & Sons we know this to be true. Keeping that in mind we do our best to make the process as painless as possible. Having been a family run business since 1929 we understand the difficulties our customers are going through and strive to help them find a headstone that properly reflects the memory of the deceased.

A woman came to visit us recently from her home in Knowsley. Gravestones were the last thing on her mind a few short days ago. An unfortunate illness had left her with the task of finding a for a memorial for her husband. She was insistent that his headstone reflect his life and interests, ignoring any suggestions that she should consider one of our standard designs. After speaking with the woman, we discovered that her husband had owned a garage and fleet of tow trucks. For years he had spent hours on the weekends washing, waxing, and maintaining his trucks, adding extra lights and accessories wherever possible.

When our staff learned of the husbands love of his tow trucks they knew they had something they could work with. We were able to design an engraving for his headstone that showed one of his beloved trucks, complete with his own custom additions, parked in front of one of the first garages he owned. Our client liked the idea, and was pleased with the quality of the work we produce — she knew she would have something to remember her husband by for the rest of her life. From standard stones to bespoke designs, anyone needing gravestones in Knowsley will be pleased with the result they get from T. Lyon & Sons. For more information call today on 0151 426 6125