Follow the Regulations when Choosing Memorial Stones in Prescot

4Choosing a dignified headstone for a loved one is less complicated with memorial stones from Prescot company, T. Lyon & Son who are familiar with all the regulatory issues that prevent people from erecting just any kind of head stone in a cemetery. They are familiar will churchyard and cemetery regulations which dictate the size, shape and style of memorial stones within their grounds. A family-run business based in Prescot, this team of memorial work experts have been provide their services in the areas of Liverpool, Knowsley, St. Helens and the entire North West. The business has been running since 1929 and you can trust them with their vast experience to be sensitive and caring when it comes to designing an appropriate memorial stone. They are there to provide expert advice on how best to reflect the memories of the one who has passed on.

There are a few choices you can make with regards to selecting the best materials available for memorials, with granite, stone and marble being the most common in use. Some people like a more rustic look and want wood or a combination of all these materials. In Prescot, the memorial stone experts at T. Lyon & Son offer their clients a superb range of materials to choose from. You can take your pick from traditional stone to the more elaborate marble and granite which suit each of the many styles of memorials they offer. When you need to consider the wording on the memorial, T. Lyon & Son can offer helpful guidance as they are aware that even with wording, there are sometimes regulations regarding this. As specialists in memorial work in Prescot, they will take care of all the engraving and lettering.

As a Member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM), T. Lyon & Son are part of a network of nationally accredited businesses. Clients can rest assured that memorial stones from this Prescot team are of a high quality and that their knowledge and skills will ensure work which is guaranteed for superb workmanship. Be sure you select reputable memorial stones specialists who are accredited to safely design, create, install and renovate your precious memorials. Want to know more? Please call T. Lyon & Son; They will guide you through this difficult time.



*Photo by kevin dooley via Compfight cc