A Marble Memorial Enquiry In Widnes

A Marble Memorial Enquiry In WidnesA Marble Memorial Enquiry In Widnes has come through to us at T.Lyon & Son from a couple who wanted a lasting memorial for a family member who recently passed away. Having been recommended to ourselves, they were in discussion regarding their specific requirements when it came to the right marble memorial. We always endeavor to reflect the memory of your loved one through a quality made memorial.

In Widnes to St Helens and other surrounding parts, a marble memorial enquiry is dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner by our team of dedicated professionals. We are a stonemasons of distinction, having been established since 1929. Family run with family values instilled, we offer a bespoke service that will meet your requirements and surpass them every time.

For a marble memorial enquiry in Widnes, you benefit from our time served experience and reputation-part of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons-which has served us so well over the decades. Able to offer inscriptions and renovations as part of our service, you will be more than satisfied when you employ our skilled craftsmen to provide you with a marble memorial that does justice to the memory of your dearly departed.