Monumental Mason in Childwall is Available to Provide Assistance

Monumental Mason in Childwall Cast your loved one’s memory in stone with the help of our monumental mason in Childwall. Carrying the memory of a lost loved one through generations is possible with our stone monument memorials. A memorial monument is a testament to a person’s life. It speaks volumes to the following generations and honours the family’s sentimental history. Yet, since a monument needs to stand the test of time, you must work with a professional mason with a proven track record. You need a mason who will invest the same value in workmanship as you have in emotional collateral. The structural integrity and design intricacy of the memorial expresses the value of your relationship.

We are among the leading monumental masons in the North West. In Childwall, our monumental masons are well known for their workmanship quality. Our company, like our work, has withstood the test of time and is now in its fourth generation. As a family-run business, handed down from one generation to the next, we understand the value of familial memorials more than anyone in the trade. Our company was founded by Thomas Lyon in 1929 and still has a Lyon at the helm, almost 100 years later. If you want future generations to remember and value your loved ones, consider using one of our memorial monuments.

We invest significant value in the skills and quality of our monumental mason in Childwall. Memorial monuments are our primary sellers and marketers. Anyone who sees our monuments recognizes our passion, attention to detail and dedication to quality. Since we take pride in every monument we build, you can rest assured that yours will carry the same degree of excellence and quality workmanship. Contact T. Lyon & Son today if you need a professional monumental mason. With more than 90 years of experience in the trade, our company is your best option for high-quality monuments that will endure for decades. Apart from building monuments, we have an excellent track record with renovations. Several monuments, headstones and memorials deteriorate with time due to the original quality, battery from the elements or happenstance accidents. We specialise in high-quality memorial renovations, repairs and restoration where necessary.