Professional and Thorough Headstone Refurbishments in Windle

Headstone Refurbishments in WindleHeadstone refurbishments in Windle may be necessary to make sure that your loved one’s gravestone remains in good condition. A headstone is exposed to the elements. As such, this can cause the headstone damage in a number of ways. The ground may shift causing the headstone to lean. Changes in temperature can lead to the formation of cracks. Rain can degrade the headstone and make it unstable. Bird droppings and organic growth can also be a cause of damage to the headstone.  However, headstone refurbishment is possible hen you speak to an experienced team. Our team is available to assist in restoring the headstone so it looks clean, neat and its beauty is restored.

A damaged headstone can cause families distress. However, in Windle, headstone refurbishments are completed with care by our experts. We’ll assess the damage and decide on the best refurbishment service for the headstone. It may only need specialised cleaning. Or, it may need more extensive work. This work may include creating a new foundation, or having the headstone rebuilt. We’re members of BRAMM, our trade association. As such, you can rest assured of quality, professional services. Our company was established more than 90 years ago in 1929. Furthermore, our stonemasons have the skill, training and experience to provide the right headstone refurbishment service for your requirements.

You can rely on an expert team for thorough headstone refurbishments in Windle. Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements. Thus, we can provide a quote for the refurbishment. If you would like a headstone repaired or refurbished, contact T. Lyon & Son. Refurbishing and restoring a headstone requires skill and knowledge. We use the right techniques and materials to ensure a professional and thorough headstone refurbishment. In addition, we offer the design and manufacture of headstones and memorials to create a lasting tribute to your lost loved one. We can also assist you with inscriptions and provide examples of different fonts and styles.