Carefully and Expertly Completed Headstone Refurbishments in Eccleston

Headstone Refurbishments in EcclestonRestore your worn-out burial monuments with our headstone refurbishments in Eccleston. As time passes, memories of a loved one may fade, but a fresh and new gravestone can spark those memories once again. Additionally, a refurbished headstone shows that you are grateful for and still recognise the impact the deceased has had on your life. Therefore, many people insist on keeping a headstone in its original condition. Older headstones can occasionally incline at an angle because of soil movement and creep. The vandalism of grave markers is another challenge at public cemeteries.

The name, birth date, and death date of the deceased are typically etched on a headstone along with a personal note, epitaph, or prayer. As such, in Eccleston, our headstone refurbishments include lettering cleaning, repair, or re-gilding. Memorials must consider safety measures, including securing the ground anchoring. Our process is simple; first, our highly qualified staff examines the monument. We then offer a thorough strategy for returning the gravestone to its initial state. Our team will also provide you with a detailed pricing estimate. We ensure that you will fully comprehend the details because we do everything on an individual basis. Indeed, seeing graves and memorials restored to their former beauty and majesty is a touching sight.

Our group skilfully completes headstone refurbishments in Eccleston on time. Undoubtedly, we can all agree that renovators are also creators. A family, with father and son succession throughout the years, operates our long-standing memorial company. We collaborate with many competent monument masons. An essential component of headstones is lettering. We use lettering that is either hand-cut or machine-cut. The popular writing colour options include silver and gold. When you need the addition of a name, we maintain the original phrasing and style. Our clientele like our professionalism, friendliness, and patience, in addition to our other qualities. Contact T. Lyon & Son for no-cost quotes on headstone refurbishments. We have a variety of services available to suit your needs.