Rely on the Professionals for Headstone Refurbishments in Windle

Headstone Refurbishments in WindleHeadstone refurbishments in Windle may be necessary for beautiful but damaged grave markers. Memories of a loved one may fade as the years go by, but a gravestone that looks fresh and new, somehow kindles them again. It also signifies that you still acknowledge that person’s influence in your life, and give thanks for it. So, a headstone has to be maintained in its original form at all costs for most people. There are cases where due to the soil movement and creep, older headstones are found tilted at an angle. Vandalism of headstones is also a problem. In many cases, the family may not have the time to care for the grave marker.

A headstone usually has the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death inscribed on it, along with a personal message, epitaph or prayer. In Windle, headstone refurbishments involve cleaning, repairing or re-gilding lettering. Levelling memorials and safety work like securing the ground anchorage are also involved.  Our highly experienced team first inspect the memorial. We then provide a detailed plan to restore the headstone to its original condition. Further, we will also give you a detailed cost estimate. Since this is all done on an individual basis, you will get a complete understanding of what is involved.  It is indeed a wonderful sight to any passerby to see graves and memorials restored to their past beauty and glory.

Headstone refurbishments in Windle are expertly completed by our team.  You will agree that those who renovate are also creators. Our well-established memorial business is family-run, passing from father to son over the decades. We have several good monumental masons working with us. Lettering is an important feature of headstones. We offer either hand-cut or machined ‘sandblast’ letters. Silver and gold are the popular choices for lettering colour. When names are to be added, the original style and wording is adhered to. Our clients appreciate our patience, kindness and compassion, along with a thoroughly professional approach. For free estimates, contact T.Lyon & Son. Our well-established, friendly memorial business offers a range of services to meet your requirements.