Rely on Professional Stonemason for Cleaning Headstones in Windle

Cleaning Headstones in WindleCleaning headstones in Windle is necessary after a number of years. As a result of weather conditions, air pollutants and general aging, a headstone will require cleaning. In addition, the headstone can get covered in dirt, moss, lichen and other debris. Furthermore, the lettering may become worn and illegible.  The type of material the headstone may require a professional to effectively and safely clean it. Our professionals can assist. We have been designing, building and renovating headstones since our company’s inception in 1929. With close to a century of experience, we offer only the best service. This includes professionally cleaning headstones.

Many headstones are made from stone such as granite, marble and sandstone. Thus, in Windle, cleaning headstones need careful planning and care. This is because the headstones can get easily damaged by harsh chemicals and rough handling. It is essential that harsh chemicals such as bleach, acid cleaning agents, power washers and sand blasters are not used to clean a headstone. It is an intricate process, and requires the right tools and knowledge of the right techniques. This ensures that the headstone is correctly cleaned without causing any further damage. You can rely on our professionalism, knowledge and skill to ensure the right cleaning of your loved one’s headstone.

Cleaning headstones in Windle involves a number of steps. Before we begin the process, we will carry out an inspection of the headstone on-site. Based on the type of stone the headstone is made from, and the extent of the cleaning required, we can decide on the best course of action. We also help you to understand all the details before we begin working. All our quotes are free of charge and you are not obligated to accept them. Contact T. Lyon & Son today to book an appointment. In addition to cleaning headstones, we design and carve meaningful memorials. Furthermore, we also offer an inscription service for the lettering of the memorial.