Choose a Headstone Supplier in Skelmersdale for Your Loved One’s Memorial

Headstone Supplier in SkelmersdaleA professional and well-established headstone supplier in Skelmersdale will provide you with the most suitable memorial for your lost loved one’s grave. First established in 1929, we have continued our tradition for excellent quality headstones and memorials to meet our clients’ needs. We offer an extensive range of memorials that cater to all tastes and styles. Regardless of whether you are searching for a modern or traditional headstone, we can assist. You are also welcome to visit our impressive showroom in Prescot where you can view our available memorials.

If you would prefer an original headstone, we can provide the headstone of your preference. In Skelmersdale, a headstone supplier uses a number of different materials to craft a headstone. These include granite, marble, Yorkshire stone and slate. Both marble and granite are the most popular choice among our clients. Granite is available in different colours, and is also regarded as the most suitable choice for a headstone. This is because granite is known for its longevity and strength. With a granite headstone, little maintenance is required. We also offer a full design service. This means that we can tailor solutions for your exact requirements, surpassing your expectations. Whether it is an etching, or a particular motif, or perhaps a colour photograph, we can include it. All our headstones a carefully crafted to ensure the most appropriate, high quality headstone.

A headstone supplier in Skelmersdale can also assist with the etching and lettering of your chosen headstone. You can choose both the style and font that you feel is most suitable for the headstone. If you need assistance with this choice, we would be happy to assist. When you are searching for a headstone supplier to meet your specific requirements, contact T.Lyon & Son. You will find that, with our decades of experience, we will provide expert advice. We also listen with an empathetic ear. Let us, together, design a memorial that will reflect the memories of the ones you love. We also offer a renovation service. Over time, and as a result of weather conditions, it may be necessary to renovate a memorial. This could include cleaning, repairing or re-gilding the lettering.