Headstone Lettering in Skelmersdale to Ensure a lasting Tribute for Your Loved One

Headstone Lettering in Skelmersdale We understand that choosing the headstone lettering in Skelmersdale,  as well as the wording for your loved one’s headstone is something you’ll want to take time over. We offer a comprehensive service which offers you a choice for the inscription on the headstone. The inscription is done by our specialist stonemason. If you are uncertain about the right choice of lettering for your chosen headstone, speak to us and we can provide suggestions and advice.

There different styles of lettering. In Skelmersdale, headstone lettering can be either the traditional hand cut lettering, or the more modern sandblasted letter. We can provide various colours for the finish of the lettering so that it matches your chosen headstone. The most popular choices of finish are silver, or 23 and a half carot gold leaf. The wording on the headstone would your choice entirely, however, we can provide suggestions or show samples of our finished work to assist. The most popular inscriptions include in loving memory of, we will remember them, remembered with a smile and always in our thoughts. The choice is yours and while it is easier to keep the inscription short, there are no set rules about the length and the type of tribute you can have inscribed. The inscription is the most important part of the headstone, yet it’s arguably the most difficult part to finalise.

Headstone lettering in Skelmersdale can be done in different fonts, and we will advise on the most appropriate for the size of your chosen headstone. If you need to choose headstone lettering for your loved one’s headstone, contact T. Lyon & Son today. We are happy to assist and advise you on the appropriate inscription for your loved one’s headstone. You can rely on our stonemasons to provide a professional service that will both meet and exceed your expectations. Our team includes two other qualified masons on our staff with 16 and 35 years of experience working solely for T. Lyon & Son. Let us help create a lasting tribute for you lost loved one with lovingly chosen headstone lettering for hos headstone.