Pet Headstones in Childwall

Pet Headstones in ChildwallPets are family too, so pet headstones in Childwall are one of the services we offer at T. Lyon & Son. There are several pet cemeteries in the area and each will have their guidelines for pet burial and headstones. When you request a pet headstone we take into consideration the guidelines of the cemetery you choose. It’s common practice to bury small pets in your garden or elsewhere on your own property. If that is your intent then you may have greater freedom of headstone choice. It’s your pet so we want to be conscientious regarding your preferences. Every selection available for a human family member is available for pets.

At T. Lyon & Son, we have an extensive selection of stone from which to create your memorial. In Childwall, pet headstones vary in size and shape to suit our customers. Visit our showroom and view marble, slate, Yorkshire stone and various colours of granite. Top-quality materials are guaranteed. Our memorial company has been established since 1929. We’ve been under second generation ownership since 1999. That kind of longevity only comes with skilled stonemasons, quality materials, creativity and all at fair prices. We guarantee your satisfaction by working closely with you on your personal preferences. You choose the stone, the colour, engraving font, sentiment and add raised relief engravings and or photographs.

Pet headstones in Childwall is something important you do for yourself to honour a beloved pet that spent it’s life bringing joy to yours. Pets play an integral part in our life and there is a grieving process to go through. You want that devotion remembered and you want a touchstone to hold those memories. Upon the loss of your pet, contact T. Lyon & Son and schedule a visit to our design studio, showroom and workshop. We can create a headstone unique to your pet incorporating your ideas and preferences. It doesn’t matter the type or size of the pet you wish to memorialise. Friends and comforters come in many species; we value them all. They are worthy of a memorial for remembrance.