Cleaning Headstones in Liverpool

Cleaning Headstones in LiverpoolCleaning headstones in Liverpool becomes necessary at some point. Headstones are constantly exposed to the weather with no protection so it is no wonder that they succumb to the wear and tear caused by constant heat, strong winds and even heavy rains. Though some do get quite the damage and need replacement, others only need a simple clean to have them looking good as new. Because headstones are made of varying materials, it is important to use the suitable cleaning method and product that will not cause further or irreversible damage. Grime may have built up over time but with the right tools, it can easily be washed off and have the headstone returned to its former glory.

T.Lyon & Son is a family run business that has been in operation since 1929 and offers this and other headstone services in Liverpool. Cleaning headstones is one of the renovation services that we offer. Other services include repairing, re-gliding the lettering, levelling the memorial and even safety work such as ground anchorage. Each individual case receives equally individual treatment. Before any work is done, we carry out an inspection and then proceed to plan accordingly. By doing so, we know exactly what needs to be done and the best way to have it done. All our clients will know what steps will be taken in order to restore the headstone to its original condition and how much it will cost. Our masons have the expertise and knowledge to handle every task so that the results are satisfactory to the client.

Other than cleaning headstones in Liverpool we also have the skill to procure new headstones. Whether you prefer a traditional style or want something more modern, you can be sure to have exactly what you need from us. Contact T.Lyon & Son for all your headstone and memorial needs. We offer a full design service that can cater for any specific requirement and tailor solutions that exceed your expectations. We have a variety of colours, materials and designs available for your choosing. We can produce and keep up the appearance of the perfect headstone for your departed loved one.