Gravestones in Warrington

Gravestones in WarringtonChoosing from a selection of gravestones in Warrington is an important part of the burial process. It can be regarded as more than a burial marker – it is also a way that the deceased can be remembered for years to come. When coping with the shock and grief of a loved one’s passing, it may seem that choosing a headstone isn’t so important. However, the aim of a gravestone is to reflect the deceased’s memory; and selecting the most suitable gravestone is also an important and positive part of the grieving process.

When selecting a gravestone, it is necessary to bear a few things in mind. In Warrington, gravestones can be selected from a choice of colour, size, shape and type of stone. At T.Lyon & Son, we understand how important it is to you and your family to choose the right gravestone for your loved one’s grave. All the memorials we design and craft are done with care, thought and professionalism. We offer a range of gravestones that you can choose from, made from different stone such as granite, Yorkshire stone, marble and slate. We can design and craft a bespoke gravestone if you are unable to make a choice from our selection. A gravestone is a permanent representation of remembrance and we understand the importance of choosing the right design and shape carefully. The service that we offer is tailor-made to meet your specific requirements that will both meet and exceed your expectations.

Gravestones in Warrington can also be engraved or etched with the inscription of your choice. Our specialist stonemason will carry out the inscription, using a style and font of your choice. You can choose from the traditional ‘hand cut’ or the more modern ‘sandblast’ letter, all of which can be finished in various colours to match the colour of your chosen gravestone. Why not pay us a visit, or contact T.Lyon & Son to find out more about our gravestones. As a family run business, we aim to provide both longevity and quality for all the gravestones we design and craft.