Cleaning Headstones in Seaforth

Cleaning Headstones in SeaforthAfter many years of standing out in the weather, cleaning headstones in Seaforth will bring back the original beauty of the stone. We offer an expert renovation service for headstones and memorial stones. We remove the stone and clean off all the grime that has accumulated over the years. Once we can see the stone properly we can repair any chips or cracks on the stone. Thereafter we need to re-gild the letters or if the stone is very old we may need to re-carve the inscription to make it legible again. Old stones can be re-polished to make them look like new as the stone is usually quite substantial and a few millimetres removed from the surface will bring the stone back to its original glory.

For over 80 years we have been established as experts in our field and always provide the highest standard of service. In Seaforth, cleaning headstones is necessary as air pollution eats into the stone over time. Acidic rain also causes damage to the stone and lichen will grow, although very slowly, on the stone. Once the stone is cleaned and renovated we will replace it. The older stones were often placed without being properly fitted with ground anchorage. Due to health and safety regulations this is now a requirement and we fit the stone with secure anchorage so that it cannot fall over.

Renovation and cleaning headstones in Seaforth is just one of the services we offer. We manufacture headstones and memorial stones from a wide variety of materials. Our lettering inscriptions can greatly enhance a memorial design. Contact T.Lyon & Son today or visit our showroom to see some of our designs. The wide array of colours, styles and stones need to be seen before making a choice. The inscription can be hand cut or sandblasted and the letters are finished off in your choice of colour. Some of the most popular are memorial silver or 23 and a half carat gold. Black and white are also popular depending on the colour of the stone.