Cleaning Headstones in Prescot

Cleaning Headstones in PrescotEntrust the job of cleaning headstones in Prescot to T Lyon & Son. Make sure that the memory of your loved ones is respected by keeping their memorials, gravestones and headstones neat and fresh. The firm was established in 1929 and has an excellent reputation that has stood the test of time. As a family run enterprise, we believe in providing excellent services, premium materials and top-quality workmanship. Two of the masons on our staff have sound experience of 16 and 35 years respectively. Our showroom is situated in Prescot. Customers can view our wide selection of memorials and select the one that best suits their taste and budget. We manufacture unique memorials from the finest stone, marble and slate varieties. Our clients can also benefit from consultations with our design team and create exactly the kind of headstone you have in mind.

There’s nothing sadder than a neglected, chipped, cracked, displaced headstone overgrown with weeds, with faded lettering. In Prescot, cleaning headstones must be done regularly to keep them looking cared for. Scratches, weathering and stains can also mar the look of a headstone. We make sure that the headstone is cleaned thoroughly, using only soft brushes, eco-friendly detergents and special products to remove stains, lichen, black algae growth, and moss. It’s important to use only gentle pressure on the stone to avoid damage. Harsh detergents, acid-based cleaners and bleach are never used. These can penetrate through the surface of the stone and damage it. Such products can lead to flaking and pitting of the stone.

Cleaning headstones in Prescot is easy when it’s done by experts. It helps family and friends to make sure that the memory of their loved ones is kept alive with love and dignity. Contact T. Lyon & Son for more information about ho we can assist with cleaning headstones. Our trained, experienced team will do a thorough survey of the headstone and formulate a suitable cleaning plan based on the type of stone, age and its condition. We take extreme care to preserve the headstone as much as possible. If it’s badly damaged, we can help you with designing a new one or renovating the old one.