Cleaning Headstones in Skelmersdale

Cleaning headstones in SkelmersdaleCleaning headstones in Skelmersdale is expertly done by T. Lyon & Son. Family members notice headstones of their loved ones are getting dark and stained. It has not occurred to them they could have them restored. Somehow, they think everything that happens on that gravesite is the responsibility of the cemetery and they have no say in the matter. It’s just not true. Clearly the cemetery does not maintain headstones but they will not interfere if you want to make maintenance arrangements. Our renovation service at T. Lyon & Son cleans and restores headstones to their original condition. Most headstones are granite or bronze but we have safe methods for cleaning marble as well. No matter how old a headstone is we can clean and restore the stone making every attempt to reveal the inscription.

Granite, marble and bronze headstones are natural elements that have existed in one form or another for centuries. For grave markers in Skelmersdale, cleaning headstones is a process of removing the effects left by years of exposure to the elements. The beautiful stone is still in there, we just need to once again reveal it. That is what we do at our renovation service at T. Lyon & Son. We use a specific process for each type of stone. Each process uses only gentle cleansers and stain removers so there is no damage to the stone or the environment. Our work is highly detailed which is why the final steps are completed using cotton swabs.

The most common stains we remove when cleaning headstones in Skelmersdale is water, mould and rust. The stone will show signs of corrosion if left unattended for a long time. However, we can remove the surface damage to reveal the beautiful stone beneath. To protect the beauty of a stone forever, we recommend cleansing the stone and checking for damage twice a year. That will prevent more serious damage. Contact T. Lyon & Son if you are concerned about preserving the headstones of your family members for the next generations. It is a fine way to show respect and care for your loved ones that will be obvious to descendants. They will be grateful others cared enough to keep the inscriptions clearly legible for them to read.