Cremation Stones in Seaforth

Cremation Stones in SeaforthIf you are looking for skilfully crafted cremation stones in Seaforth, consider T.Lyon & Son. A cremation stone or a monumental stone is an honourable way of remembering the deceased. It is also a way of paying your respects to the life once lived. As an alternative to cremation scattering, some families prefer to have the ashes placed in a convenient location or a place with special meaning, where the cremated ashes of their loved ones are placed in a cremation urn protected by a permanent monument or cremation stone.

For your lost loved one’s memorial site in Seaforth, cremation stones are available from T. Lyon & Son. It is important to choose a final resting place where you can place the cremation stone. This will provide your family and friends with a focal point to assist them in remembering the life that was lived. We know how important choosing the most appropriate memorial is. Memorials come in a variety of materials, such as granite and marble, and you can choose the stone that you prefer. We have a number of different styles displayed in our showroom. If you prefer, you can design your own stone. We will assist and guide you on your choice. Once you have chosen the stone you think would be most appropriate, we will inscribe your stone. You can choose the words that will appear on the stone. We can inscribe your message in colour if you wish. We can also etch pictures onto the stone.

Cremation stones in Seaforth are crafted by master craftsmen who have many years of experience. If you are looking for cremations stones, contact T.Lyon & Son. We will ensure that the cremation stone you chose for your lost loved one is a fitting tribute. We also offer other services regarding memorials. Should you have a memorial that is need of care and attention, we can assist in cleaning and repairing the gravestone.