Memorial Stones in Runcorn

memorial stones in RuncornFinding yourself with the responsibility of choosing from memorial stones in Runcorn may leave you in a state of confusion. That is understandable since this is probably the first time you have needed to perform this task. You may have trouble choosing words that will define your loved one’s life. There is so much to say and not enough room on a stone to convey what this life meant. It’s an emotional time. What seems like an easy task is suddenly overwhelming because there are so many choices to be made like what size, what stone, picture or not? We can help you at T. Lyon & Son Memorials. Memorial stones is our family business and has been since 1929. With our vast experience, we come alongside you and simplify what seems a complicated job. We will assure the outcome will honour your family member for the generations that follow.

At T. Lyon & Son Memorials we recommend that you take some time to grieve before tackling the memorial stone decisions. For those in Runcorn, memorial stones is not a urgent task since there is a time delay of one year before most memorial stones can be set. The time we need to prepare the Stone will depend on your choice of stone, type and amount of engraving and our schedule. If you pay us a visit after a month or two we can sit down together and discuss your options. Each cemetery has their own guidelines that must be followed regarding memorials. If you are unfamiliar with those of your choice of cemetery we will likely have that information and if not we can get it for you.

We have a full design service at T. Lyon & Son for memorial stones in Runcorn. You may be surprised by the many custom options from which you can choose. If you have design ideas bring them with when you and we will incorporate them into the overall design. Contact T. Lyon & Son and make an appointment to visit our showroom to view our memorial stones. You will then see first hand the quality marble, coloured granite, Yorkshire stone and slate materials that we work with. Motifs, font styles, etchings and even photographs are available to use for the design and creation of a unique memorial fitting for your loved one and your budget.