Headstone Lettering in Whiston

Headstone Lettering in WhistonHeadstone lettering in Whiston gives you a chance to commemorate a long-lasting tribute to your beloved. The words chosen for the lettering will reflect the person’s life and what they meant to you. Headstone lettering isn’t simply just about words, it also entails the script and font as well as the type of headstone material. There are many options for both script and headstone materials. In the latter there is limestone, marble, granite, slate, wood and stone. With so many decisions requiring your attention, it helps to work with a friendly and empathetic professional. This is what T. Lyon and Son are!

For those living in Whiston, headstone lettering services can be obtained from T. Lyon and Son. We have a notable showroom in Prescott where customers can get a firsthand look at our large range of headstones and memorials. T. Lyon and Son has been a family owned and operated company since 1929. Over the years, we have built a reputation as experts in creating beautifully crafted headstones. Our prices are competitive ensuring that customers get the best headstone possible. In terms of design, we can produce just about anything that falls between the traditional and modern. Our headstones are made from top quality materials, so customers are guaranteed that they are built to last.

To commemorate your loved one’s memory, choose superior quality headstone lettering in Whiston. Give T. Lyon and Son a call today to experience the personal touch. You can also take advantage of our comprehensive design service which enables them to add personal touches to their beloved’s headstone. There are a myriad of options to choose from such as a colour photograph or etching of your beloved, a special motif, or an inscription in the font and style that suits you.