Gravestone Costs in Speke

Gravestone costs in SpekeFor full gravestone costs in Speke talk to us at T. Lyon & Son. We work in a variety of materials but all of them have one thing in common: they are durable and our memorials will last for a very long time. Our master stone masons have many years experience in their craft. They are able to engrave a stone to your specifications. This can include a motif or an etching of a colour photograph. It is most important to us that you are completely happy with the memorial we create for you. It is a tribute to your loved one. Our aim is to provide quality and longevity.

When you are planning a funeral for your loved one in Speke, gravestone costs are one of your considerations. At T. Lyon & Son we have something for all budgets. You will find an empathetic ear when you visit us and we will help you choose the most fitting memorial. Our showroom has an impressive array of styles and choices. These range from traditional to contemporary stones, from simple to ostentatious. We only use the best quality materials. If you have something particular in mind, we offer a full design service and will work with you to create the perfect memorial. T. Lyon & Son is a family business. We have been operating since 1929 on the same site as when we were originally established. We have many years of experience and expertise and we bring this to every memorial we create.

If you need a memorial for your loved one, gravestone costs in Speke are not prohibitive. At T. Lyon & Son we will provide you with a stone that will last for a very long time, and will continue to reflect the life of your loved one. Call us at T. Lyon & Son today to discuss your requirements. We may have the perfect memorial for you in our showroom or you may prefer to design your own. Our master stone masons will inscribe the stone with the words of your choice, and in the style of your preference.