Cleaning Headstones in Kirkby

Cleaning Headstones in KirkbyCleaning headstones in Kirkby is part of the services that T. Lyon & Son offer. They can provide their customers with a range of memorials that bear silent testimony to the life of the person buried below them. Two qualified masons produce stunning headstones and these can be viewed in their Prescot showroom. Although you’ll find superb headstones made from strong, robust materials such as marble and granite, cleaning headstones is still necessary. T. Lyon & Son is a very successful family run business who have been operating since 1929. Their longevity in the business is testimony to the great services they offer. They know that the deceased’s loved ones will return to the cemetery and their focus is on ensuring ‘their’ headstones always look loved and cherished.

A headstone left year after year will eventually become faded, worn, tired looking and possibly damaged, and eventually even the engraving can no longer be seen. In Kirkby, cleaning headstones is all about prevention, not cure, although T. Lyon & Son can repair tombstones that appear to be beyond repair. T. Lyon & Son don’t want your magnificent headstones to ‘vanish’ because of the ravages of time and weather. You want your loved one’s headstone to take you back to a wonderful past. They offer an excellent renovation service, and apart from repairing and cleaning, they do re-gliding of the lettering so that your loved one’s headstone remains as it looked when it was first installed.

Cleaning headstones in Kirkby has become a needed service for those who don’t want their headstones falling into disrepair. With decades of experience behind them, T. Lyon know how to free headstones of stains, mould and fungus growth. Contact T. Lyon & Son for headstone cleaning today. Their experience means that they know each material well, understanding that each one requires different cleaning methods. They always inspect the memorial first, understanding that it’s not just the stone that needs to be preserved, but the very important message carved on the stone.