Memorial Stones in Rainhill

Memorial Stones in RainhillChoosing memorial stones in Rainhill requires some serious thought. Memorial stones mean so much to families and speak to the many generations that follow. What do you want to tell them about this member of their family tree? The first thing a stone says is that the family revered the deceased by marking his resting place. The stone will tell future generations what period of history this relative occupied. It may tell the names of his parents or wife and children. So a memorial stone places the individual on a specific branch in the family tree, to which all other branches are connected. The stone can reveal if the family member served in the military and which branch. It may also reveal if he or she fought in any wars and if medals were earned. Symbols will give a glimpse of faith or beliefs that shaped the life of this family member. Words may express a special attribute others admired.

In Rainhill, memorial stones are left to tell our story for those who come behind. T. Lyon and Son Memorials has been a fixture since 1929. The current owners are highly qualified masons who learned their trade working at T. Lyon and Son. Their experience spans sixteen to thirty-five years. Stop buy their showroom and view the variety of stones and designs they can create. You tell them what you would like to see on the memorial stone for your loved one and they will create a design. You choose the script, the font and any additional decorative engravings. It is now possible to place a photograph of the deceased on the memorial stone that will endure.

Memorial stones in Rainhill can be carved and engraved from marble and granite in various colours. Or you may choose Yorkshire stone or slate. T. Lyon and Son have reliable sources for quality stones that will endure. You set the spending budget and their stone masons will work within it to create a fitting memorial. If you need repairs to an existing memorial stone, T. Lyon and Son can refurbish it by cleaning the stone, filling cracks so they are not seen and improving the original engraving. For more information about memorial stones, contact T. Lyon and Son.