Pet Headstones in Crosby

Pet Headstones in CrosbyPet headstones in Crosby are the perfect way to commemorate a fur-child. For many people pets are an integral part of the family. The family cannot imagine a time without them. Childhood memories are filled with playful and loving dogs. Many animals are invaluable in their role as emotional support providers: for children, the unwell and the elderly. Animals play a special part in the lives of many and it is not possible to consider a time when they will not be there. Sadly, because animals have a shorter lifespan than people, the time will come when you need to bury a pet. This is always a sad time and you may want to do something special as a symbol of the role your pet played in the life of your family. Many people remember a time in their childhood when they have had to bury a pet. It is always a solemn occasion, often with a heartfelt ceremony attached. Perhaps you would like to take the opportunity now to do something special when a loved pet has passed away.

In Crosby, pet headstones are inscribed by T. Lyon & Son. This family business has stood the test of time and for decades has been seeing to the needs of the community when it comes to the provision and inscription of headstones. If you need a new headstone, T. Lyon & Son can assist. If you need an existing headstone renovated, T. Lyon & Son can restore the headstone to its former glory. They will make sure that the restoration is done in alignment with its original style, in colour and in type. The team at T. Lyon & Son includes master craftsmen with decades of experience. They can be trusted to restore these precious commemorative monuments.

The masons employed exclusively at T. Lyon & Son, expertly inscribe pet headstones in Crosby. They will work on your choice of headstone in your choice of style.  Whether you are commemorating a loyal fur-child, or a beloved member of your family, they will help you inscribe the perfect memorial. For more information about pet headstones, contact T. Lyon & Son.