Gravestone Prices in Speke

Gravestone Prices in SpekeAffordable gravestone prices in Speke are needed when planning a funeral. The passing on of a loved one may be unexpected, and gravestone prices might be the last thing you’ve thought about and certainly not budgeted for. T. Lyon & Son with their qualified stonemasons, have many years of experience in the industry, and they make sure that their gravestone prices are affordable. They have an impressive showroom in Prescot, where customers can view their large selection of memorials. You are guaranteed to find a gravestone that meets the style, taste and budget you have in mind, whether you want something modern or traditional.

In Speke, gravestone prices are affordable, but this doesn’t mean for one minute that they are anything but the best. You get options with T. Lyon & Son and that means you can choose different materials for your gravestone. You don’t have to stick to the traditional grey or black either because there are other colours which may be more appealing to you. T. Lyon offers a full design service and they are able to tailor their services to suit the requirements of their customers. They produce the ideal headstone and inscription from the font-styles you like.

T. Lyon & Son started out in 1929, and although gravestone prices in Speke haven’t stayed the same over the decades, their quality and professionalism hasn’t changed. They have tried to make it that their prices haven’t risen as much as their competitors, and to this end they are an affordable stonemasons offering high quality work. You can be sure that their gravestones and memorials are always a fitting tribute to your loved one. Should you be looking for affordable gravestone prices, contact T. Lyon & Son.