Gravestone Prices in Seaforth

gravestone prices in SeaforthIf you are looking for affordable gravestone prices in Seaforth, T. Lyon & Son strive to provide durable, high quality memorial work at very competitive prices. As a family run business that was established in 1929, the company has accumulated decades of experience in customer care, workmanship and quality service. By helping each customer with advice and bespoke designs, the company strives to help create the memorial that will best encapsulate the memories of your loved one.

In Seaforth, gravestone prices are lowest at T. Lyon & Son. The company offers both new memorials and renovations. Time can take its toll on a monument. Whether the monument needs repairing cleaning, leveling, re-gilding the lettering or any kind of safety work, T. Lyon & Son can help you out. Whatever project the company undertakes, it strives to provide the highest standard of service and care, delivering on and often exceeding clients’ expectations. The renovation process starts with an inspection, which then leads to planning. Once there’s a clear understanding of what needs to be then, the client is presented with a detailed price list. Upon approval, the work can start. All estimates are free of charge, and imply no obligation on the part of the client.

T. Lyon & Son can provide advice on gravestone prices in Seaforth. Many customers choose the company’s lettering inscription service. An inscription can give any memorial a much more personal meaning and leave a lasting legacy for a loved family member. This service is carried out by a specialist stonemason that can provide a wide array of lettering styles: from the traditional hand cut style, to the more modern sandblast style. The letters can be done in the colour of your choosing, from a colour that matches the memorial to gold or 23.5 carot gold leaf. Contact T. Lyon & Son if you would like to find out more about gravestone process.