Gravestones in Knowsley

Gravestones in KnowsleyGravestones in Knowsley are always carefully selected by family members who want to show their respect and love for the deceased person. It is always fascinating roaming through a cemetery and looking at some of the inscriptions on the gravestones. Some are full of longing while others just have dates on them, symbolic maybe of someone who is not particularly missed. Whatever you want written on your gravestone, make sure it is done professionally. T. Lyon & Son have two qualified masons as part of their staff who have many years of experience in providing high quality gravestones. You can view examples of their splendid work at their showroom in Prescot. Every taste and style is catered for.

In Knowsley, gravestones can be traditional, vintage, modern and totally unique. T. Lyon & Son offer a number of options so that you can get exactly what you would like. You can choose from different stone materials such as stone, slate, granite or marble. While marble gravestones are the most popular, and were extensively used until the 1940s, they can deteriorate at a faster rate than granite gravestones. Today, granite is more popular because of its durability. Headstones carved from granite offer an unlimited choice of colours and shapes.

Gravestones in Knowsley have the reputation of being exactly what people want without the hefty price tag. T. Lyon & Son offer a full design service that caters for everyone’s unique requirements. Just tell them what ideas you have, and whether you want etching or a colour photograph included in the memorial – their skills know no bounds. Offering excellent customer services, the professional and talented team are able to produce the perfect gravestone and inscription so that when people roam the cemeteries out of curiosity and interest, they linger a little longer over a gravestone that stands out for its style, its craftsmanship, its professionalism and uniqueness – qualities that T. Lyon & Son can guarantee. For well-crafted gravestones, contact T. Lyon & Son.