Affordable Gravestone Prices in Maghull

Gravestone Prices in MaghullGravestone prices in Maghull are one thing less to worry about with the passing of a loved one. It is a sad state of affairs when bitter family disputes take place between family members at the death of a loved one. Instead of a dignified goodbye, families bicker over material belongings and they bicker about money spent on the actual burial. T. Lyon & Son have decades of experience in providing families with expert advice so that the memorial of their loved one will be something that everyone agrees on. With some 35 years of experience behind this skilled team, they cater for all tastes, styles and budget. The family owned business has an attractive showroom in Prescot, and this allows you to view the excellent range of memorials they have. You can choose the material that best represents your departed loved one. Beautiful granite, marble, stone and slate are just some of the options available.

In Maghull, gravestone prices are designed to be affordable for you. At T. Lyon & Son, while they offer a full design service, the team work to ensure you get all your specific requirements adhered to and at prices you can cope with. With specialist, skilled stonemasons, your gravestones can be as ornate or as simply elegant as you like, whether you opt for etching, colour photographs or lettered inscriptions – everything is done with dignity and professionalism to ensure a lasting legacy that your departed loved one would appreciate.

Gravestone prices in Maghull will suit family members who want a good deal when looking for gravestones. The experienced T. Lyon & Son team are aware of cemetery restrictions and they can advise on sizes and materials which contribute to making an affordable headstone. Affordable, elegant and attractive gravestones from this reputable company will simply mean that that a gravestone is the last thing you need to worry about in the event of your family member’s passing away. For affordable gravestone prices, contact T.Lyon & Son.