Gravestone Costs in Liverpool

Gravestone Costs in LiverpoolAre you looking for affordable gravestone costs in LiverpoolIt is a sad occasion when a loved one passes on and finding the right gravestone to bear tribute is important.  One needs to bear in mind the cost of the gravestone, as one does not want to spend exorbitant fees on a gravestone when  more affordable gravestones can be found.  Where could one find affordable, yet professionally made gravestones?

In Liverpool, gravestone costs needn’t be out of reach.  T.Lyon & Son are qualified masons who will provide an expertly made gravestone at an affordable cost.  They have an extensive range of gravestones which cater to different tastes and styles, regardless of whether modern or more traditional.  As they only source and stock top quality materials, one can choose from any stone material such as marble, granite, Yorkshire stone and slate. The granite is available in various colours.  Should one require a particular inscription or motif, they will accommodate the request as they do offer a full design service.  The inscriptions on the gravestone are carried out by their specialist stonemason.  There are numerous styles of lettering which can also be finished in various colours.  Discuss the options with the stonemason for the most suitable choice for the gravestone.

Gravestone costs in Liverpool are manageable with T.Lyon & Son.  They have been a family run business since 1929, and understand the need for affordable gravestones.  With the high cost of arranging a funeral for the deceased, an affordable yet professionally made gravestone is important.  They also offer a memorial and gravestone renovation service.  Over time, the gravestone can become damaged.  T.Lyon & Son will first inspect the gravestone before any work is decided on in order to plan accordingly how the work will be carried out, maintaining the gravestone in a good condition.  For further information on affordable gravestone costs, be sure to contact T.Lyon & Son today.