Headstone Supplier in Allerton

Headstone Supplier in Allerton Are you looking for a reputable headstone supplier in Allerton? A gravestone is the perfect tribute if you have lost a family member or a dear friend. If you are searching for a headstone that pays a fitting tribute to the recently deceased you might want to contact a headstone supplier who can provide a well- crafted and inscribed headstone. Purchasing a good quality headstone can ensure the appropriate homage to the person who has passed on.

In Allerton, a headstone supplier of an excellent reputation for quality work can be found at T. Lyon & Son. The variety of services offered by T. Lyon & Son includes the supply and repair of headstones. They also offer lettering inscriptions of memorial designs which is a great way to enhance memorial work and renders it with a personalised look. You can choose from a number of lettering styles, from the traditional ‘handcut’ form to the more modern ‘sandblast’ styles. If you want your memorial design that matches a specific colour, there are a number to choose from.

Headstones in Allerton are available in a variety of materials such as granite, marble, slate and sandstone. The most common material used to create headstones is granite.   There are a number of reasons why granite is more often used as granite does not shatter as easily as slate and it does not stain as easily as marble. Granite is a long lasting material. Choosing a granite headstone will ensure the longevity of the memorial. T. Lyon & Son also provide a repair and maintenance service to ensure the headstone remains in an ideal condition. The masons at T. Lyon & Son have the skills, expertise, experience and dedication to deliver top quality memorials.  Contact them today if you have any queries about headstones.