Headstone Prices in Haydock

Headstone Prices in HaydockIf you want the best headstone prices in Haydock, either when planning ahead or when buying a headstone for a recently deceased family member or friend, you need to research in order to make sure you get a headstone that is both suitable and within budget. While looking at the price may not seem right for such a thing as a memorial headstone, a difficult time or decision is no reason to overspend. To get the right headstone for the right price, you need to be aware of the different elements that go into making a headstone and how much it costs to get them done. The first aspect is the stone itself. The headstone can be made of stone, slate, granite, marble or any other available material of your choice.

In Haydock, headstone prices are also influenced by the inscription. How you require the inscription will also play a role in the cost of the headstone. Shorter and less intricate inscriptions will cost less.   This is something to be considered before deciding on a headstone. The inscription on the headstone can be regarded as the parting words to the deceased and shouldn’t be overlooked for the sake of the budget. Keeping the lettering of the inscription simple yet clear, will be as effective as one done in gold, decorative script.

The best headstone prices in Haydock, are usually offered by memorial stone masons who have been in the business for some time and are able to make suggestions and recommendations to those wishing to purchase a headstone. As a result of their years of experience, they will be able to assist the person purchasing the headstone in choosing the most practical and memorable headstone. If they aware of the budget allowed, they will most certainly bear that in mind when making recommendations. At T. Lyon & Son, our four-member masonry team brings together over 95-years of combined experience, which enables us to give you the option of an excellent quality headstone, with most suitable inscriptions, at a cost that is realistic. Contact T. Lyon & Sons for more information on headstone prices.