Five Factors that Determine Headstone Prices in West Derby

Headstone Prices in West DerbyMost of us do not give a second thought to headstone prices in West Derby until that life-changing moment arrives when you are planning your loved one’s funeral. This is a significant purchase which cannot be changed, unlike a car which can be easily handed down or retired. A headstone on the other hand is a permanent record of your loved one’s life on earth. It is a way to preserve his or her memory and is in a way a symbol of who they were. Most of us will opt for the best headstone; however the price is a huge determinant which is impacted by several factors.

For West Derby headstone prices, contact T. Lyon & Son as they are the leading experts in memorial planning and providing affordable headstones. According to them, there are a number of factors which can influence the cost of a headstone. These are size, material, design, finish and cemetery regulations. Headstone sizes range from small which are at grass level to large which are upright monuments. The largest size will be determined by the cemetery’s rules and lot size. Material is another important determinant. Today, many memorial providers have access to the best imported materials from around the world such as Georgia’s blue granite and Italy’s Carrara marble. The price will be determined depending on where the material was sourced and its quality. Design elements include things such as lettering, headstone shape, symbols, and colours. A memorial planner will help you decide what is best according to your requirements and budget. The finish on a headstone can also influence the cost. If you opt for a smooth finish on the base or the edges, you can expect to pay more versus a rough or natural finish. Be sure to pay close attention to the memorial portfolio when selecting your design and finish. Lastly, cemetery regulations play a large role in what you choose. Some cemeteries only allow certain sizes and materials.

If you are planning a memorial and are concerned about headstone prices in West Derby, give T. Lyon & Son a call today. Staff at T. Lyon & Son can help you with all you need to know about the types and sizes of headstones available.