Renovating Memorial Headstones in Merseyside

Renovating Memorial Headstones in MerseysideThere is nothing harder than watching your loved one’s memorial headstone in a Merseyside, fall into disarray over time. While most cemeteries offer a restoration or renovation service on their own, companies like T. Lyon & Son are masters at the art of restoration and renovation, having been in that line of business since 1929. For over 80-years, the art of cherishing and nurturing the headstone of a loved one has been handled with great care by a family run business that understands the meaning of that memorial headstone for the rest of the family.

In Merseyside, memorial headstones tend to suffer from a variety of problems depending on the kind of materials they are made of. Stone headstones tend to shift or sink into the ground, or simply start breaking apart because of the sheer weight of the stone. Over time, with ever-changing weather conditions, the impact on that headstone is immense. Metal headstones suffer from similar issues but they come with an added element – corrosion. If the surface coating of the headstone gets damaged, moisture can seep through and that is almost a deathblow for metal headstones, especially if restorative action isn’t taken in time.

In other words, memorial headstones in Merseyside cemeteries require constant attention simply because they cannot be expected to last forever. From natural damage to vandalism, anything can affect the headstone of your loved one and the last thing you want is for your loved one’s memory to get tarnished due to poor upkeep of the gravesite. Maintaining the gravestone isn’t just about keeping it free of natural growth or wear and tear, it may even involve replacing the entire headstone with a brand new piece, but only if there is absolutely no way back for the original piece. That said, we have immense experience in handling different kinds of materials as well as renovation projects ranging from re-inscribing gravestones to repairing the entire headstone. If you are looking for someone who will put the same love and care into the job as you have for the family members you’ve lost, then allow us the opportunity to extend our services to you.