Memorial Headstones in Prescot

Memorial Headstones in PrescotChoosing a memorial headstone in Prescot can be quite a daunting task for people, especially when it comes to finding something that truly represents the people they love. One of the biggest challenges in finding a good headstone is choosing the right material. While most of the traditional headstones were actually made of stone, some versions can be made with materials like marble, granite and other kinds of rock. However, there are a lot of other materials that have come into the picture as well, such as slate or even metals like iron and white bronze.

In Prescot, memorial headstones can also be made of wood, while some might even prefer planting a tree or shrub as the “headstone”. This is usually done when you wish to mark the location where the ashes were spread but in other cases, a solid stone or metal plaque is placed at the gravesite. There are a few elements that go into choosing the material for the headstone, especially the rules and regulations of the cemetery. Some cemeteries might have strict rules about the kind of headstones they allow, not just based on material but based on the design as well. Headstones, especially those made of stone, tend to sink in or topple over due to their weight. It is the job of the cemetery to preserve these headstones and thereby maintain the sanctity of each and every gravesite.

Memorial headstones in Prescot cemeteries also require regular care and some cemeteries might have specialist staff hired especially for repair or restoration of these headstones. At times, these gravestones can get overrun by weeds or grass, obscuring their view or the inscriptions on them. On other occasions you might have to worry about vandals who come in either to steal or damage these headstones or even for a hobby called gravestone or headstone rubbing. The latter is a practice where these stones are covered with a piece of paper so that the inscription can be copied or rubbed onto the paper using something like a crayon or even paint. The choice of material can be quite overwhelming if you are not sure what you would want, while going about the process of knowing what a cemetery prefers is also a tedious task. At T. Lyon & Son Memorials, we ensure you don’t have to worry about anything by giving you all the information you need to make this difficult decision. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through every minute detail to help you make the best decision.