Find Reliable Memorial Cleaners in Liverpool

Memorial Cleaners in LiverpoolMemorial cleaners in Liverpool such as those from T. Lyon & Sons, have the responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness and quality of the memorial or headstone of the deceased individual. Exposure to the elements, trees and lack of care can make the memorial deteriorate very quickly. If you think that cleaning a memorial is similar to cleaning an appliance at home, then think again! Cleaning a memorial requires skill and experience for it to be done properly.

In Liverpool, memorial cleaners T. Lyon & Sons have a reputation for being reliable and professional. They often receive enquiries from customers about how to best maintain their loved one’s memorial. Professionals at T. Lyon & Sons recommend that all memorial cleaning should be handled by a professional. This is because they utilise special skills and cleaning equipment to clean the memorial. These individuals also comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations. Professional cleaners are also aware of which cleaners to use and avoid. For example, they recommend not using cleaners that have abrasives or chlorine, especially when cleaning granite. T. Lyon & Sons also recommends not using wax or polish to bring shine to granite. Only ammonia based products such as glass cleaners can restore the luster on the surface of stone. Granite memorials are also very vulnerable to the elements. T. Lyon & Sons recommends that at least once a year, preferably on the anniversary of the memorial stone, you opt for a professional memorial cleaning service.

If you need to find reliable memorial cleaners in Liverpool, contact T. Lyon & Sons today. Established in 1929, they are a family run business that takes great pride in their work. Apart from memorial cleaning, they also offer headstone engraving, design, and choosing meaningful inscriptions. They have a large selection of headstones made from various materials, which will suit any budget and choice preference. For more information about memorial cleaning or any other service, please contact T. Lyon & Sons directly.