Search for a Headstone Cleaner in Prescot

headstone cleaner in PrescotT Lyon & Sons are the foremost headstone cleaners in Prescot. Our family owned and run business was established in 1929 and each successive generation that has continued with the business has worked hard to maintain the same levels of expertise, skill and empathy.

In Prescot, a headstone cleaner that is professional and caring is a much sought after person. We at T Lyon & Sons provide all aspects of the cleaning of headstones. Cleaning in this context goes beyond the removal of dust, moss and so on that time and weather deposits onto grave markers and headstones. We offer a cleaning service that also includes as much repair and restoration work as is required by the circumstances or desired by the customer. In addition to cleaning it by carefully and gently yet thoroughly removing any dirt or growth that has built on up the headstone, the company can also re-erect ones that have fallen over. It is our job to restore the headstone so that it is as close as possible to its original condition — without losing the charm and patina of age. In the case of granite and marble we also try to restore the colour. Part of renovating a headstone could include the re-gilding or carving of lettering and inscriptions, re-painting of lettering and the restoration and cleaning of raised lead inscriptions. As far as possible, all work is carried out by our skilled staff members in situ. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove the headstone and take it to our premises in order for the necessary work to be done.

If you require the services of a skilled headstone cleaner in Prescot, call T Lyon & Sons today and we will discuss your requirements with you. Allow us to help you to restore the dignity of a loved one by carefully and meticulously cleaning and restoring the headstone at their resting place.