Factors That Your Headstone Cleaner in Liverpool Should Consider

Headstone Cleaner in LiverpoolIf your departed loved one’s gravestone is dirty and grimy, you should consider hiring a professional headstone cleaner in Liverpool. While it may appear deceptively simple, cleaning a headstone requires care, expertise and precision. This is especially true for older or historic stones that have a bit of their surface eroded with each cleaning. This means that you run a very real risk of washing away the inscriptions if the stone is cleaned too often. The purpose of cleaning gravestones is rarely to restore them or make them look “new,” as they will look out of place in an old graveyard. What drives most people to clean old headstones is to make it easier to read an obscured inscription, or bring back the original colouration of a stone or statue.

In Liverpool, a headstone cleaner service is offered by T. Lyon & Son. When working on a headstone the cleaner should first determine if the stone is cleanable. This is done by checking the stone for any signs of deterioration such as flaking, chipping or scaling. If it has any of these signs, it may not be an appropriate candidate for cleaning. A competent headstone cleaner should also be able to quickly identify the type of stone. Some of the common stone types used include limestone, granite, slate or marble. Finding out what the headstone is made of will then determine the kind of techniques that are most effective in cleaning the gravestone. Most headstones can be simply cleaned with water and a soft brush, but your headstone cleaner should be able to determine a safe cleaning agent or detergent if it is required.

If you need a headstone cleaner in Liverpool, look no further than T. Lyon & Sons. With decades of experience in the restoration of dirty and discoloured headstones, we offer a comprehensive solution for all kinds of stone. We use the most gentle techniques to remove grime, dirt and moss to ensure that the stone retains its original colour and beauty, while keeping all inscriptions clearly visible. Call T. Lyon & Sons today for a free cleaning quote for old and historic gravestones.