Memorial Headstones In Knowsley

funeralWhile mourning the passing of a loved one, the choice of a memorial headstone in Knowsley or what to inscribe on a headstone in Liverpool, is a difficult and often nigh impossible task. As a company that has been in business for many decades, T Lyon & Sons understands the suffering and hardship that one is going through when going through these trying experiences. A young lady recently came to us in Knowsley having to choose a headstone for both her parents who had tragically died while working as doctors in the Philippines at the time of the recent disaster.

They were more than just her parents to this young woman; they were heroes in her eyes. And rightly so. When she contacted us wanting Knowsley memorial headstones that would reflect the true essence of this husband and wife emergency doctor team, with an inscription that would capture their memories for perpetuity, she was sadly almost unable to speak she was so distraught. With our decades of experience we know how to empathise and work with clients who are struggling with loss. It is our skill to be able to ensure that the headstone, the inscription and the entire experience are more than the client could ever wished for. We cherish those memories of their loved ones that they relay to us as if they were our own.

As a family run business we understand the close ties that bind a family together and when they are rent asunder we grasp the full extent of the client’s loss. The young lady who needed the memorial headstones in Knowsley was able to leave everything in our capable and caring hands, with the peace of mind that we would give her late parents the true honour they deserved. As suppliers to throughout the North West, please contact us for further information and we will gladly assist you. Call now on 0151 426 6125.