Customize a Gravestone in Merseyside

graveyardWhen it comes to purchasing a gravestone in Merseyside, it goes without saying that the person wishing to make the purchase is going through a sad phase in their life after having lost a loved one. We completely understand that when experiencing such a phase, one wants to go through the entire process of purchasing and designing the memorial in a quick and subtle manner without being bothered or troubled by a thousand questions and details. A kind and professional service is called for.

This was especially true in the case of one of our customers who needed a Merseyside gravestone for his mother. This project was completed in a very short time with minimum fuss — all his big and small concerns were dealt with attentively and in an experienced way. Our customer’s mother had suddenly passed away in an accident and he wanted a gravestone which was to be customized with her face along with the inscription just the way he wanted it to be. Also the color chosen was a departure from traditional grey to a dark tone of green, this being his mother’s favorite color. Another specification was the flowers that were to adorn the gravestone on the day of the cremation which were to be white only. The expert craftsmen at T Lyon and Sons were happy to oblige and delivered the perfect home for our customer’s mother to rest in.

If you are looking for a gravestone in Merseyside for someone whom you loved and cherished in your life but have sadly lost, we at T Lyon & Sons promise to make things easier for you and help you honor that precious person in the best possible manner. You can also visit our site online to find out more about our range of services.