Marking History with Headstone Inscriptions in Knowsley

6Last week, I was thinking about the new year ahead of us and was amazed to acknowledge that T. Lyon & Son has been providing headstone inscriptions in Knowsley since 1929. This New Year 2014 means we have been in business over 80 years. Eighty years! For certain it has been a pleasure getting to know so many of the local families and watching them grow throughout the years. When a company has been in business in one area for so many years, they become a part of the community and become family to us all. For us, writing inscriptions is more than simply developing a headstone. Those inscriptions and names have meaning to us. They are friends and family and they provide a type of history for our community.

Families who have used our services over the years often walk through the cemetery as a tribute to their lost loved ones. My recent walk was no different. As I strolled through a  Knowsley cemetery, reading headstone inscriptions, I had the realization that our work at T. Lyon & Son is much like providing an historical account of the people who lived here before us. Even though this cemetery was only opened in 1996, with the granite and marble so beautiful and a thing of nature, each headstone will pass the test of time leaving our mark on this world.

With such a realization coming to me it has given me new perspective on the work we do. Our employees are not simply etching headstone inscriptions in Knowsley. We are helping people leave their mark on this world. We give families of headstones that reflect the personality of their loved one. Perhaps most importantly, the inscriptions give a written history that will not be erased by the hands of time. Our work says something important. Your loved one will be remembered as long as the granite upon which we write survives. The stonework and inscriptions say, “I was here, I was special, I was loved, and I will be remembered.” T. Lyon & Son wants to say thank you. And as a tribute perhaps you too should take a long, quiet stroll through the cemetery and marvel at the history you will find.



*Photo by hugovk via Compfight cc